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About Mabalingwe Nature Reserve

Back in the day the Tswana words "mabala a nkwe" were melded and reshaped to form the name Mabalingwe. True to the character of the resort, the words used to name it have a special meaning... "spots of the leopard". And scattered all around the reserve, just like the spots of the leopard, you are bound to encounter all manner of things uniquely Mabalingwe and wonderfully NATURE, FAMILY and FUN!

Mabalingwe is all about getting back to Nature – a spectacular landscape allows you to lose yourself in a true South African Bushveld environment with abundant birdlife, stunning indigenous trees and shrubs and a wide variety of wildlife. Our passion for providing a holiday destination that has Family at its heart means we care about providing the perfect space for shared quality experiences and celebrating family. You have the perfect setting, you've brought the family and now all that's left is… just have Fun. We invest a great deal of care and thought into ensuring your time with us is just plain Fun!

Mabalingwe Awards

Mabalingwe Nature Reserve stood out at the 29th annual RCI OSCAS Gala Awards held in March 2017. This awards ceremony is one of the most prestigious in the industry and celebrates industry partners and their contribution to RCI in Africa.

Mabalingwe was nominated for one of the most sought-after awards, Top Gold Crown Resort in the Large Resort category. It is an amazing achievement to be nominated for such an exclusive award and we could not be more proud of the Mabalingwe name. Mabalingwe was also awarded Gold Crown Status, which is the highest RCI rating presented to resorts.

RCI Oscas 2017 Awards
Top Gold Crown Resort – First Runner Up

Mabalingwe Nature Reserve was nominated for the prestigious Gold Crown Resort of the Year Award in the Large Resort category, at this year's RCI OSCAS Awards ceremony. Though, in the end, we did not walk away with the number one spot, we are tremendously proud to be rubbing shoulders with the best of the best. Mabalingwe earned a well-deserved first runner up with a score of 4.484. (The winning score being 4.516, the competition won by a nose!) Well done to the other resorts who competed in this category, but watch out… Next year Mabalingwe will be an ever greater force to be reckoned with!

RCI Oscas 2016 Awards
Top Gold Crown Resort – 4th Place

RCI Oscas 2015 Awards
Top Gold Crown Resort – 5th Place

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