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Bela Bela

Bela Bela is situated in the Springbok Flats, 112 km North of Pretoria. It lies nestled in the foothills of the Waterberg mountain range in the Bushveld region of South Africa and enjoys a sub-tropical climate. With an average of 265 sunny days a year and pleasant mild warm winters, it is the ideal holiday destination. This area is also malaria free. Beautiful mountains, natural dams, rivers, trees, breath-taking sunsets and warm hospitality ensure that a visit to Bela Bela and especially Mabalingwe Nature Reserve is a must on any traveller's itinerary.


The Waterberg (Northern Sotho: Thaba Meetse) is a mountainous massif of approximately 14,500 square kilometres in north Limpopo Province, South Africa. The average height of the mountain range is 600 m with a few peaks rising up to 1400 m above sea level. The extensive rock formation was shaped by hundreds of millions of years of riverine erosion to yield diverse bluff and butte landform. The ecosystem can be characterised as a dry deciduous forest or Bushveld. Within the Waterberg there are archaeological finds dating to the Stone Age, and nearby are early evolutionary finds related to the origin of humans.

Waterberg (Thaba Meetse) is the first region in the northern part of South Africa to be named as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.


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