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VRS - Managing Agent

VRS's management portfolio includes the contracted Managing Agent function to more than 22 resorts in South Africa; as well as in Kenya, Botswana and Mozambique. This role involves the full on and off-site management of these resorts and the vital task of ensuring that they achieve the highest possible standards and reflect maximum occupancy, with the resultant benefits to the stakeholders and communities in which these resorts are located. VRS is also the contracted Managing Agent for seven vacation ownership clubs.
Established in 2001, VRS has, through its commitment to excellence and the delivery of outstanding services, gone from strength to strength and is now a market leader in a challenging and extremely competitive industry.

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VRS is proudly the holder of many of the top and coveted titles that are awarded annually at the prestigious RCI Gala Awards Ceremony. Amongst the various top VRS accolades, Mabalingwe holds RCI Gold Crown Resort status and was nominated as one of the Top Gold Crown Resorts of 2017, in the Large Resort category. These great achievements represent the hard work and dedication of both our on-site and off-site management teams.

RCI Oscas 2017 Awards: Top Gold Crown Resort – First Runner Up
RCI Oscas 2016 Awards: Top Gold Crown Resort – 4th Place
RCI Oscas 2015 Awards: Top Gold Crown Resort – 5th Place

RCI Gold Crown


  R516, Rooiberg, Bela-Bela, 0480
  Phone: +27 (0) 14 001 7011
  Fax: + 27 (0) 87 806 7556

VRS Managed Resort

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